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Do you feel married and alone?

Do you and your partner
suffer from intimacy anorexia?

When one or both partners will do whatever it takes to create distance between avoid intimacy.

Signs of intimacy anorexia include:

  • Being too busy

  • Blaming partner or spouse for relationship problems

  • Withholding love

  • Withhold their praise

  • Withholding sex

  • Withhold feelings

  • Being constantly critical

  • Controlling money

  • Withhold or control with silence

  • Living like roomates

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is being so drawn into sexual activities that it interferes with daily activities...It may be used as a coping mechanism or distraction

Examples of sex addiction, may include any or all of the following:

  • extensive use of pornography

  • compulsive masturbation

For others it may increase to:

  • illegal activity 

  • exhibitionism

  • voyeurism

  • obscene phone calls

  • child molestation or rape

What is porn addiction?

When the usage of porn interferes with daily life. When you spend so much time looking on the internet at pornography that you can't get into becomes non-relational.

  • You're unable to stop watching

  • Loss of large periods of time

  • Incessant craving for more

  • Loss of interest in relationship sex

  • Unrealistic demands during sex


For over 20 years, Barb Gladue, has specialized in sexual addiction counselling. She has helped restore relationships, brought couples  back together, and helped couples find intimacy again.

Lives, marriages...relationships can change.

I believe that you can experience healing by doing the work, and by utilizing practical tools that can transform both your life and your relationships.

Many of us start a relationship looking through the rose-coloured glasses at what we thought was love. Then life, stress, and limited coping abilities turn our hearts and minds toward anything that will relieve the pressure, or take the pain away

INTENSIVE Sessions...

Our three and five day intensives are the pinnacle of excellence in sex addiction counselling. Our sex addiction intensives, with Barb, offer real solutions for individuals and couples who are struggling with sex addiction or intimacy anorexia and are designed specifically for where you are in your relationship and in the recovery process.



Looking for practical tools to help you recover from sexual addiction or intimacy anorexia issues?

An individual 3 or 5 day intensive includes:

 - 3 hours of individual counselling sessions each day,   - structured homework and educational DVDs.

 - Each participant will also be encouraged to attend at least one support group in the evening.

  • The definition of sexual addiction

  • What feelings have to do with sex

  • How much has your addiction cost you

  • How to identify triggers

  • The definition of intimacy anorexia

  • How to retrain your brain, eyes and thoughts

  • How to make a sexual contract with your partner

  • How to break the bondage and stop the cycle

  • What your addiction is really about

  • How to have more intimacy with your partner

BOOK WITH BARB and start your journey today

What you will learn

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